The blessing
of the newborns

Let’s take the first step together for the beloved child.
Aqiqah4u and ANDORRA are here for every step of the way.

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Process of the Aqiqah

We’re using the WAKALAH concept for performing the Aqiqah on behalf of the customers. 

Register with us now and do the Aqiqah for the beloved one as early as 7th day after the birth.  

Register the Aqiqah

Once registration is done, customer will receive SMS notification and a paid invoice from

Proof of Aqiqah

Customer can download the Video & Photo of the Aqiqah by keying-in the unique code

Aqiqah Status

Customer will be notified once the Aqiqah has been done, customers can check the status here.

The Gift

Customers will receive the Gift from Aqiqah4u, which is 250ml Zam-Zam and Name Engraved certificate.

How many Goats or Sheeps for the Aqiqah?

Baby Boy (2)

Baby Girl (1)

The Importance of Aqiqah

“A child is held in pledge by his Aqiqah that is slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day, the harm is removed from him (i.e. the head is shaved) and he is named.”
Narrated by al-Tirmidhi
“For a boy two sheep and for a girl one, and it does not matter whether they are male or female.”
Narrated by Ibn Maajah
“Whoever vows to obey Allah, let him obey Him, but whoever vows to disobey Allah, let him not disobey Him.”
Narrated by al-Bukhaari

Behind The Platform

This platform is a collaboration partnership between Aqiqah4u Malaysia and ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital to provide a solution of Aqiqah in a very convenient way from the A to Z process, our main objective is for Andorra’s Guests to do the Aqiqah for the beloved one according to the Sunnah of our prophet, Muhammad ﷺ.

The Aqiqah will be performed by, in which the business first began in 2012 under the name Arrayyan Global Network before we established a company called Arovis Global Sdn Bhd in 2019 to establish a strong image and expand further to join the market share of Aqiqah in Malaysia.

Besides the business in Malaysia, Aqiqah4u also has a branch in Thailand under the company named Riyahad Pte Ltd which is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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